Enhanced ERP Software Supports Multi-Division, Multi-Site Capability

October 1, 2015

With its latest release of MIE Trak Pro ERP software, MIE Solutions, Garden Grove, CA, now provides comprehensive inter-division and inter-site capabilities within all applications. The software will support companies operating in multiple locations, that have multiple divisions or subsidiaries, operate global offices or even collaborate with an extended supply chain that includes customers, partners and suppliers. Users can accommodate transactions that span multiple companies and automatically distribute work across two or more companies and/or divisions, reducing costs and eliminating errors and time. They also can consolidate information from separate companies and/or divisions or global locations to enable them to cost-effectively manage multiple companies and achieve comprehensive reporting on multiple business entities.

The enhancement comes on the heels of another recent upgrade—MIE File Reader, an advanced file-conversion capability that enables MIE Trak Pro to take PDF purchase-order files from a customer, parse the order into its relevant pieces of information and automatically convert them into sales orders. And, the ability to process files is not limited to PDFs. Users can drop any consistent file from a customer, including PDF, Excel, CSV or standard text files, on the network and they can be imported directly into MIE Trak Pro.

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