Jireh Metal Products Recognized for Diversity and Inclusion

October 14, 2020

The recently held Corp! Magazine Diversity Awards and Conference recognized more than 60 companies and individuals who are leading the way in improving the culture within their organizations, by educating workers on diversity, equity and inclusion.  Among them was Jireh Metal Products, Inc., Grandville, MI, a metal former and fabricator supplying customers in the automotive, furniture, security-component, and outdoor power-equipment industries. When Jireh Metal was purchased from a second-generation family business owner, the new structure was minority owned, and it has earned the Minority Business Enterprise Certification.

Among Jireh Metal’s recent efforts to support programs and engage in conversations that help lead to positive change within the Grand Rapids, MI, community, it has supported the city’s public schools as well as its Asian Festival and the Boys & Girls Club of Grand Rapids.

“We are looking to support any and all other diverse businesses when making any buying decision,” says Jireh Metal president/CEO Michael Davenport said. “Whether that’s insurance, material, staffing or supplies, given a competitive pricing structure, we prefer to go with a minority owned business. The results highlight gaps in ownership by minorities. There is lots of room for improvement.”

Adds Darlene King, executive director of the Michigan Diversity Council: “When I have these conversations with CEOs and boards of directors about why we’re here, what (racism) is and what it looks like … at that very moment is when their eyes open to say, ‘Wow, I never looked at it that way,’” she said. “The movement around diversity, equity and inclusion in this country, whether you get it from your organization … I think the education of diversity and conversations in this country has helped open people’s eyes.”

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