IHS Markit Debuts the COVID-19 Automotive Manufacturing Disruption Index

April 8, 2020

IHS-Markit-COVID-19-Automotive-Manufacturing-Disruption-IndexThe Automotive Supply Chain and Technology team at IHS Markit has developed an index to track the level of impact that the government’s COVID-19 containment measures are having on global automotive-manufacturing operations. The COVID-19 Automotive Manufacturing Disruption (AMD) index is weighted against the manufacturing footprint of OEMs and suppliers (based on production volumes for OEMs and supplier revenues for suppliers). The AMD also leverages groundwork research done by Oxford University to track measures in place in each country. The index accounts for:

  • Workplace closures (and in particular, government-mandated automotive operations forced closures)
  • Restrictions on internal movement 
  • School closures
  • Limitations to public transport
  • International travel controls

AMD index values range between 0 and 100, where 0 corresponds to no specific COVID-19 measures, and 100 to a regime of complete lockdown. It started moving into the medium-disruption territory (above 40) following the imposition of lockdown measures in Italy, Spain and France in mid-March. It continued to rise through mid-March, surpassing 60 on March 24, with the imposition of a lockdown in India.

Download the full report.

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