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Reduce Supply-Chain Risk through Diversification

May 1, 2014

Types of markets servedThe past decade, which began with a spell of difficult financial times for many manufacturers and metalformers, has seen a movement toward supply-chain diversification. As many companies learned the hard , it’s good to be looking for opportunities to diversify. Today, many manufacturers have reduced their concentration in any one market and become more diversified.

To support manufacturers in their efforts to diversify and secure new customers, the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), in 2013, developed Sourcing Solutions—an annual supply-chain event that brings together buyers and suppliers of metal component parts, assemblies, fabrications and tooling. The one-day program allows manufacturing companies to showcase their capabilities and identify new prospective customers.

This year’s Sourcing Solutions event lands in Nashville, TN, on September 18. Among the companies signed on to meet with suppliers: GE Appliances, Sulzer Pumps, Ferno Washington, SAF-Holland, Inc., Aisin Drivetrain Inc., KTH Parts Industries, Inc., Rhinehart Development Corporation and IDEX.

In conjunction with Sourcing Solutions, PMA will host its annual Sales and Marketing Conference in Nashville on September 16-17. The event delivers timely and informative sales and marketing training and intelligence to industry professionals. Attendees hone their skills in areas such as content marketing, social media, branding, marketing strategies, sales management, customer requirements and sales development while growing their network of peers in the industry.

For more information on both of these industry programs, please visit or call Allison Grealis at 216-901-8800.


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