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PMA on Capitol Hill: Small-Business CEO's Urge Congressional Support for Upcoming Trade Legislation

March 1, 2008

In a letter dated January 29, members of PMA’s board of directors and Government Relations committee as well as past chairmen appealed to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus and House s & Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel for Congress to ensure that any legislation to reform and strengthen U.S. trade laws helps small and medium-sized manufacturers compete in the global marketplace. The PMA members urged support for provisions that address illegal currency manipulation, give manufacturers who use raw materials the ability to testify before the International Trade Commission, and reject the practice of “zeroing.” 


“The letter was sent to alert Congress that small and medium-sized steel-using manufacturers need their help,” said PMA president William Gaskin. “Our members have been hit hard by the rising price of steel and other raw materials while at the same time losing market share to Chinese companies that receive illegal subsidies. We are advocating for updates to U.S. trade law that promote trade—our members need access to raw materials at globally competitive prices, but we also must ensure that our trading partners abide by international trade obligations.”

The letter cites a case of a PMA member that manufactures components for livestock and travel trailers. A Chinese company is selling a particular part in the United States for $5.62; the cost of steel alone for the U.S. manufacturer is $5.95 for the same part. “This resulted in the loss of the product line for the company—a product line that shipped 150,000 parts per year,” wrote the members. 

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