Letter to Editor

November 1, 2011

Dear Mr. Kuvin,

I enjoyed reading your editorial (September 2011 issue of MetalForming) on collaboration in the supply chain of the automotive industry. Although I’m not professionally involved in that industry, I can easily project the parameters of likely cooperation in my industry—creation and supply of products for the detention and correctional industries. The natural ‘one-way-street’ of doing business as usual is becoming outdated in this global economy. Collaboration has inherent risks, but the rewards far outstretch those in terms of combining industrial energies, new technologies and, well, just being green in thinking, so to speak. 

I’ve been researching s in which to lighten our load in producing typically very heavy products, such as prison doors, frames, ceilings, furniture and cell wall panels. However, I’ve found it’s difficult to try and change an industry’s (and an engineer’s, architect’s and building owner’s) of thinking. Reading your editorial has reinforced my belief that collaboration in our industry could be essential, if we are all to survive in today’s exponentially changing economy.

We’ve spent a lot of time and money on R&D, most likely repeating the same work—and mistakes—that many other companies similar to ours have. We have, though, collaborated on some projects with lock manufacturers; these have worked well for both parties.

So again, thank you for your insightful of thinking and projecting that to the metalforming industry. There is much to learn in your editorial.


Scott Sanders

Grand Island, NE

(company name omitted by request)

Technologies: Management


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