Fabtech—Exhibitors in the METALFORM Technology Area

October 1, 2017

Exhibitors (as of September 8, 2017)

AAF International A5684
ABC Metals Inc. A5219
Accra-Wire Controls Inc. A4914
Accurate Die Design Software Inc./Logopress3 A5316
Admiral Steel LLC A5360
Agathon Machine Tools Inc. A5177
AGIR Technologies C41735
Aida-America Corp. A5425, A5624
Alcos Machinery Inc. A4973
Alma Machinery Co. A5237
Almco Inc. A5619
Almetals Co. A4939
Alro Steel & Plastics A4920
American Manufacturing Inc. A5070
Anchor Danly A5205
Anchor Manufacturing Group Inc. A5289
AP&T North America Inc. A5639
Art Metals Group A5008
ASC Machine Tools Inc. A4957
Associated Spring Raymond A5261
Atlas Technologies A5460
AutoForm Engineering USA Inc. A5018
Automated Tapping Systems A5255
Bad Dog Tools A5888
Balluff Inc. A5405
Beckwood Press Co. A5448
Benteler Maschinenbau GmbH A5660
Berg & Co.GmbH Spanntechnik A5773
Bestar LLC A5060
BesTech Tool Corp. A5038
Big Ass Solutions A5481
Bihler of America Inc. A5253
Blacksmith Technology Limited A5489
Bohler Uddeholm Corp. A5467
Brown Boggs Machine Co. A5009
Bruderer Machinery Inc. A5025
BSP Tools (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. C41820
BTD Tool & Die C41919
Bunting Magnetics Co. A5633
C2AE Architecture + Engineering C41739
China Machinery Industry Engineering (Dalian) Co. Ltd. C41641
Cieco Inc. A5452
Clayton Metals A5486
Clips & Clamps Industries A4940
Coe Press Equipment Corp. A5412, A5621
Colt Automation Ltd. A5006

Cometel S A



Dallas Industries Inc. A5120
Daubert Cromwell A4917
Dayton Lamina Corp. A5444
Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co. Ltd. C41828
Delta Computer Systems Inc. A4923
Delta Industrial A4908
Desch Canada Ltd. A5441
Die Cad Group Inc. A5179
DieTronic/Kent Corp. A4988
Dongguan A-one Metal Co. Ltd. A4916
Dongguan Gooming Mechanical Co. A5887
Dongguan Lelin Tilledtek Metal Technology Co. Ltd. A5091
Dongguan Meinie Tool & Die Co. C41823
Dongguan Rocky Tool & Die Co. A5788
Dongguan SYH Tooling Co. Ltd. A5092
Dongguan Wangbo Metal A5886
Dongguan Wisdom Tool & Die Co. C41827
DTC Products Inc. A5277
Dubuque Stamping & Mfg Inc. C41922
Durable Superior Casters C41741
Dynamatic A5052
Eagle Metals A5188
Eagle Press & Equipment Co. Ltd. A5418
EAS Mold & Die Change Systems A5251
ECi Software Solutions A4943
EECCO Inc. A5779
Eifeler Coatings Technology A5467
Electra USA Inc. C41634
Electrex Industrial Solutions C41815
Elgen C41824
Elizabeth Carbide Components A5162
Enprotech Industrial Technologies A5267
Erickson Metals Corp. A5039
ESI North America A5178
ETA Dynaform A5208
Eurolink Inc. A5186
Excelsior Hardware & Plastic Co. A5884
F&G Tool and Die Co. A5141
Fagor Arrasate USA Inc. A5269
Feed Lease Corp. A5150
Feintool Technology A5081
Fibro Inc. A5676
FluidForming Americas A5152
Fontijne Grotnes North America A4979
Forming Technologies Inc. A4915
Formtek-ME A5036
Fox Valley Spring Co. LLC C41720
Fuchs Lubricants Co. A5257
Gerb Vibration Control Systems A4972
Global Metal Spinning Solutions Inc. - Denn USA Metal Forming A5667
Green Valley Manufacturing Inc. A5094
Greenerd Press & Machine Co. Inc. A5023
Griesy Group C41920
Gruber Tool & Die Inc. A5462
Guthle Pressenspannen GmbH A5477
Haas Automation Inc. C41703
Hangzhou Sida Machinery & Electronics Co. C41819
The Heim Group A5637
Helm Instrument Co. Inc. A5106
Heraeus Electronics A4953
Heyco Metals Inc. A5278
Hidroliksan Halim USTA HIDP Press Ltd. STL A5487
Higrade USA Inc. C41927
Hilma Div Carr Lane Roemheld A5319
HINNLI Co. Ltd. A5776
Hitachi Metals America A5484
Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association A5780
Hongju Automotive Components Tool & Die Co. Ltd. A5881
Hotset America/Strack Norma C41742
Houghton International Inc. A5043
HTM Sensors A5285
Hubei Zheyu (Goldsense) Machinery & Equipment C41642
Husky Rack & Wire A4989
Hutchison Tool Sales Co. A5341
Hwail Press Co. Ltd. C41840
Hydraulico A5669
Hyson Metal Forming Solutions A5456
IHI Ionbond Inc. C41717
Industrial Innovations Inc. A5020
Industrial Machinery Digest A5378
Intercomp A5472
International Chemical Co. A5617
Jarvis Cutting Tools A5374
JD Norman C41633
Jiangsu SUNSN Precision Tool Technology Co. Ltd. C41924
Jiashan PVB Sliding Bearing Co. A5287
Jier North America A5641
JIT Automation Inc. A5090
J-Tech A5480
Kaeser Compressors Inc. A5077
Kaller Gas Springs C41723
Kingyu Tool & Die Co. Ltd. A4986
Kolev Engineering Inc. A4987
Komatsu America Industries LLC A5231
Kosmek USA A5778
Kovinoplastika Loz D.D. A5671
Kunshan Dersun Precision Mould Co. A4922
KunShan DLS Technology Co. Ltd. C41834
Kunshan Eagle Precision Tooling Co. A4992
Latrobe Specialty Metals Distribution A5380
Lee Contracting Inc. A5648
Leifeld Metal Spinning AG A5280
Lenzkes Clamping Tools Inc. A5108
Linco Precision Industrial Co. C41740
Linear Transfer Automation Inc. A5416
Link Electric & Safety Control A5203
Logopress3/Accurate Die Design Software Inc. A5316
LSP Industries Inc. A5263
Lucky Harvest Co. Ltd. A5784
MachineMetrics A5040
Macrodyne Technologies Inc. A5063
Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing C41724
Marine Services International Inc. C41635
Mayfran International Inc. A5045
Meccanica Rossi USA Corp. A5414
Metal Supermarkets Service Co. A4954
Metalaer S.A. de C.V. C41822
Metalloid Corp. A5084
MetalMizer A5189
Metreel Inc. C41712
Midwest Industrial Metals C41918
MJC Engineering & Technology Inc. A5356
Modula A5653
Moeller Precision Tool A5662
Mollificio Bordignon srl C41719
MPI Magnetic Products Inc. A4941
Multipress Inc. A5339
Neff Press Inc. A5314
NGK Metals Corp. A5056
Nidec Minster Corp. A5706
Ningbo Goanwin Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. A4952
Norgren Automation Solutions A4955
O'Brien Lifting Solutions Inc. C41812
ODM Tool & Manufacturing Co. A5207
OGS Industries A5343
Oriental Casting Inc. A5376
Oriimec Corp. of America A5048
Orttech Inc. A5016
Overton Industries A5054
P&G Fluid Power Inc. Jet-Set A5073
P/A Industries Inc. A5612
Pacesetter Systems A5105
Paulo A5358
Pax Products Inc. A5220
Penn United Technologies Inc. A5239
PennEngineering A5002
Philpott Rubber/Lankhorst Mouldings A5057
Piab Inc. C41730
Plex Systems A5420
Pottiez America LP A5373
Precious Plate Inc. A5176
Precision Metal Stamping Tool and Product Co. Ltd. A5390
Precision Metalforming Association A5631
Precision Punch Corp. A5352
Precision Stamping Products Inc. A5086
Premier Tooling & Manufacturing C41722
Prescor LLC C41916
Press Room Equipment Co. A5439
Pressroom Electronics Inc. A5273
Principal Manufacturing Corp. C41640
Production Tube Cutting Inc. A5191
ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions C41639
Pronic Inc. A5041
Puritan Magnetics A5079
Quintus Technologies AB A5656
R&M Manufacturing Co. LLC A5058
Radyne Corp. A5369
Raffin Construction Co. A5377
Ramcel Precision Stamping and Manufacturing LLC A5276
Rapid-Air Corp. A5155
Ravne Presses DOO C41727
Raziol Zibulla & Sohn GmbH A5469
Ready Technology Inc. A5479
Reha Makina Ic Ve Dis Tic San Ltd. C40317
Res Manufacturing C41817
Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co. Inc. A5651
Rockford Systems LLC A5386
Rolled Metal Products A5354
Roller Die + Forming Co. A5291
Ross Controls C41644
Ross Technology Corp. A5678
Ruf Briquetting Systems A4970
Sangiacomo Presses Americas LLC A5209
Schleifstein Maschinentechnik GmbH A5422
Schuler Inc. A5031
SelfLube A4905
Sen Fung Rollform Machinery Corp. C41637
Serapid Inc. A5307
Seyi America Inc. A5225
Shenyang Jinbel Imp/Exp Co. Ltd. C41841
Shenzhen Haiyi Tool & Die Co. Ltd. A5775
Shenzhen HuaYuanDa Technology Co. Ltd. A5473
Shenzhen Manyes Precision Metal Co. Ltd. C41926
Shenzhen Yalu Industry Co. Ltd. A5288
ShopEdge Software Inc. A5318
Showa Precision Tool Co. Ltd. A5624
Siimpac Inc. A5242
Solar Atmospheres A4938
Southern Machinery Repair Inc. C41737
Southwestern Industries Inc. A5076
Special Springs LLC A5463
Speed Metal Fabrication Inc. C41734
Stamtec Inc. A5431
Stanley Spring & Stamping Corp. C41818
Starrett Co. A5384
Steel Craft Technologies A5379
Steel King Industries Inc. A5371
Stripmatic Products Inc. A5005
Sunrise Metal Technology Co. Ltd. C41708
Superior Die Set Corp. A5408
Sutherland Presses A5214
Taiwan Linkigi Metal Co. Ltd. C41929
Taylor Made Solutions Inc. A5174
Tecnomagnete Inc. C41716
Telos Global A5673
Theta TTS Inc. C41744
Toledo Integrated Systems A5138
Toptime Precision Electronics Co. A5873
Torque Inc. A5876
Torque Technologies Inc. A5475
Torspec International Inc. A5474
Tower Metalworking Fluids A5435
Trans-Matic A5119
Travelers Indemnity Co. A4919
T-Sim Solutions A5425
TST Tooling Software Technology C41830
Turck Inc. A5012
Uelner Precision Tools & Dies C41917
Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc. A5140
Ultratech Tool & Design Inc. A5022
Unico Inc. C41733
Unisorb Installation Technologies A5407
Unist Inc. A5014
United Aluminum Corp. A5249
United Machine Corp. A5087
United Performance Metals C41738
United Wire Co. Inc. A5786
Vaughn Manufacturing Co. A4976
Versatility Professional Tool Storage A5067
Vibro/Dynamics LLC A5241
Victory Tool A5089
Vidir Machine Inc. A5614
Viking Blast & Wash Systems A5687
Vincent Clad Metals Corp. A5088
VKS - Visual Knowledge Share A5689
Voith Turbo Inc. A5061
Wieland Metals Inc. A5458
Wilco Inc. A5059
Wilson Tool International A5361
Wintriss Controls Group LLC A5437
WorkWise Software A5471
World Precise Machinery Co. Ltd. C41826
Wuxi City GEYI Mechanical Co. C41835
Wuxi Lear-Dpca Technology Co. C41825
Wuxi Micro Research Co. Ltd. C41838
Wuxi Minghao Automotive Parts Co. C41833
Wuxi White Eagle Metalforming Machinery Co. Ltd. A5879
Xact Wire EDM Corp. C41636
Xander Automotive Stamping & Tooling Ltd. A5875
Xinyongxu Metal & Die (Shenzhen) Co. A4961
Yangli Group Co. Ltd. A5644
Yangzhou DTM Tool & Mold Co. C41839
Yih Shen Machinery Co. Ltd (YSM) A5889
Yuyao Jingqiao Hardware Factory A5389
Zapp Precision Strip A5454
Zeen (Jiangsu) Tooling & Auto Parts Co. Ltd. C41844
Zerostart-Tool Manufacture Ltd. C41816
Zerust Corrosion Solutions C41721
Zhejiang Jinaolan Machine Tool Co. C41921


Also visit our advertisers exhibiting in other areas of FABTECH:

Amada America Inc. A1802
American Punch Co. A3213
ATI Industrial Automation B15042
Dake Corp. A4492
Dengensha America Corp. B27049
DMP Corp. A6555
Epicor Software Corp. C40905
Haitong Metals Manufacturer Ningbo China A3162
Industrial Magnetics Inc. A3067
IQMS C40830
Kalamazoo Metal Muncher A3052
Komatsu America Industries LLC A1214
Lincoln Electric Co. A1851, B19021
Mate Precision Tooling A1231
Moss International Srl A3789
Prima Power North America Inc. A2642
Rocklin Manufacturing Co. A2938
Salvagnini America Inc. A1838
SuperMax Tools A5976
T. J. Snow Co. B17000
Universal Robots Usa Inc. B25094
Wilson Tool International A2831


Industry-Related Terms: CAD, Die, Forming, Hardware, Plate, Tapping, Torque, Transfer
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See also: Tecnomagnete, Inc.

Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling, Fabrication, Lubrication


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