A New Internet Strategy Paying Off for Metal Stampers

June 1, 2011

Thomas Industrial Network, New York, NY, has launched Custom Spec, a complete online program including website development and Internet exposure. The program helps custom manufacturers and industrial service providers generate more sales opportunities. One early adopter: Keats Manufacturing Co., Wheeling, IL, a manufacturer of small metal stampings, wireforms and assemblies.

“Since we deployed our new Internet strategy (with Custom Spec), our sales have increased by 30 percent,” says Matt Eggemeyer, Keats’ vice president and chief operating officer. “Further, our quotes have more than doubled, from 600 to 1400 in one year. Thomas Industrial Network helps us reach qualified prospects who may not otherwise consider us. One such customer recently placed a $1-million order.”

Custom Spec projects begin with a consultation with a team of engineers, who understand the language of custom manufacturers and their prospective clients, to write, design and develop a website. The website includes content describing a company’s capabilities and specialties, portfolios of sample projects, areas of expertise, applications for specific parts and services and more.

Another metalforming-company customer of Thomas Industrial Network tells a similar story: Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp., Mount Prospect, IL, a manufacturer of springs and wireforms for the appliance industry. Unlike standard-product and commodity manufacturers that can market through a product catalog and hold standard inventory, Perfection Spring & Stamping designs and builds new and unique items for each customer. The sales cycle often is lengthy, from six months to several years. It also is deeply consultative and collaborative. The unique nature of each product makes it difficult to know just what to showcase on a website or in sales materials. Additionally, each member of its sales team wears several hats, limiting their time and resources. 

In order to build back the enterprise, the firm’s executive vice president, Joshua Kahn, sought to minimize sales and marketing costs while pursuing new customers in new markets. A flat, outdated website was failing to help the company achieve newly articulated objectives:

• Drive qualified leads to the company;

• Generate interest in new markets; and

• Streamline the efforts of a limited sales force, enabling them to focus more on selling than on prospecting.

“We needed to attract prospects at their time of need,” says Kahn, who, after attempting to revamp the company’s site on his own, turned to ThomasNet, and results have been impressive. Prior to the collaboration with ThomasNet, Perfection’s website included only four indexed pages that could be found through general Internet searches. Today, the site boasts more than 100 searchable pages. Kahn worked with ThomasNet’s team of engineers and web specialists to create the new Perfection website, paying particular attention to developing content that highlights the company’s technical capabilities. A Learning Center provides proven examples of cost-reduction success stories.

ThomasNet also provided Perfection’s administrators with tools to manage and update the site on short notice. This enables the company to provide real-time additions announcing everything from free technical seminars to new equipment and services, and updated videos of manufacturing processes. Says Kahn: “We can keep our website new and fresh, als giving our customers a reason to come back.”

Since the new website went live in June 2010, the company has received dozens of highly qualified opportunities to provide quotes. “The new website has drawn a higher degree of qualified leads right to our door,” says Kahn. “The quotes completed are better opportunities then we have ever seen, even in the days when we were represented by 18 sales agencies across the country.”

Thomas Industrial Network: 212/629-1522; http://www.thomasnet.com/


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