Plant-Wide Die-Lubrication and Application Systems

October 1, 2014

Industrial Innovations Die lubricationIndustrial Innovations
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Industrial Innovations will highlight the benefits of plant-wide die-lubricant distribution and application systems, and display its Pro-Mix proportional mixer, Spra-Rite applicator system (utilizing the patented Z-Drip nozzles), and a Reclaim-Pro reclamation system.

Pro-Mix systems can blend synthetic, semisynthetic and emulsified lubricants at multiple dilution ratios. In a plant-wide or closed-loop system, the lubricant mixture is distributed from the mixer throughout the manufacturing facility via an in-plant piping network, for use at each press using the Spra-Rite applicators. These units feature independently controlled ejector valves that enable precise regulation of the lubricant volume and placement, at predetermined press-stroke intervals, at specific areas of the stamping or drawing tools or on the stock. Used lubricant then can be collected, cleansed and recycled using the Reclaim-Pro units, which rely on MSR coalescing plate separators to remove oil from the lubricant.


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