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New Company, Impact Fluids, Combines the Products and Services of Three Companies

February 7, 2023

impact-fluids-fluid-lifecycle-managementCombining decades of knowledge from premier industrial-fluid companies, Impact Fluids, Grandville, MI, is a newly formed company that consolidates three companies—Curtis Fluids, Great Lakes Industrial Service, and Advance Metalworking Solutions (AMS), more commonly recognized as the representative for Unist products. Impact Fluids aims to help manufacturers reduce their fluid consumption, lower their environmental impact and improve their bottom line through better fluid selection, application and filtration. Its fluid-lifecycle analysis process reviews each step that a fluid takes in its flow through a manufacturing facility to identify efficiency-improvement and waste-reduction opportunities. 

John Hoff, founder of Curtis Fluids, serves as president of Impact Fluids.


See also: Impact Fluids, Inc.

Technologies: Lubrication


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