Lubrication System Designed for Mobility

July 1, 2011

A new mobile lubrication system from IFH Group, Rock Falls, IL, provides for storage and dispensing of lubricants, cutting oils, bearing oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids and engine oils for plants requiring lubrication maintenance at multiple locations over a large area. The equipment mounts on a pallet for forklift handling and go-anywhere mobility. Included are two 50-gal. and two 25-gal. steel containers with PVC sight gauges. Air-operated piston pumps on top of each container provide a 5:1 pumping ratio, while filters on the side of each container remove any dirt or small particulates. A ball-valve manifold attached to the compressor allows users to turn on one, two or all four pumps at any given time. An on-board gas-operated air compressor enables quick and easy startup.

At the dispensing end, the unit provides retractable hose reels with metered dispensing control handles to indicate how much fluid has been dispensed. A large steel tool box underneath the reels allows for convenient storage of tools, grease, rags, etc.

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