Lubricant Mixers Designed to Support Plant-Wide Distribution

December 1, 2012

Industrial Innovations, Wyoming, MI, introduces a line of Pro-Mix lubricating systems designed to mix the desired content of lubricant concentrate and water for distribution through an in-plant piping network. Each machine connected to the network automatically receives a continuous supply of pressurized lubricant mixture. Additionally, the systems can be manufactured to supply as many as three different lubricant mixtures to each press, optimizing pressroom flexibility.

Pro-Mix systems feature stainless-steel reservoirs for stabilizing liquids prior to mixing. A patented Pro-Drive assembly ensures thorough mixing, control and pressurizing of the mixture, if necessary. Additionally, fluid-level status indicators continuously monitor the level of the two fluids and either refill on demand or discontinue service if levels reach a low level during operation.

Unique characteristics include a mixture-testing function, which mechanically tests the mixture being produced and varies the amount of water applied to the mixture, optimizing mixture stability and process control.

The systems come in three models. Pro-Mix III and V are large units that use pump/valve assemblies to refill the reservoirs, while the Pro-Mix I relies upon gravity for reservoir refill using mechanical ball-float switches.

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