FloodStream Liquid Nozzle for Spray Applications in Tight Spaces

May 28, 2024

exair-floodstream-nozzleFor spraying processes where space is at a premium, Exair introduces the new 1/8 NPT FloodStream liquid atomizing spray nozzle. Producing a deflected flat-fan pattern, the FloodStream provides a consistent and proficient spray for precise coverage in close quarters. Manufactured from Type 303 stainless steel, common applications include washing/wetting, dust suppression, lubrication and part cooling.

Like all Exair spray nozzles, the FloodStream is versatile and efficient. With a maximum operating pressure 250 PSI, the nozzle channels liquids through the body and against a precision-tuned, angled surface.  This creates a wide-angle, flat-fan spray pattern at 75 deg. from nozzle orientation. The nozzle’s compact build optimizes its effectiveness in tight spaces while still providing exceptional, precise coverage. The stainless-steel construction also provides durability and corrosion resistance, and works well with water, light oils, rust inhibitors, chemicals, paints, dyes and other common liquids.  

Industry-Related Terms: Corrosion Resistance, Stainless Steel, Surface
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Technologies: Lubrication


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