Electrostatic Lubrication System Easy on the Budget

December 1, 2015

Coldwater Machine Lubricating systemColdwater Machine Co., Coldwater, OH, through an agreement with Avant Garde Technology, Lake Mary, FL, introduces the StaticLube electrostatic lubrication system, for sheetmetal and coil stock. The environmentally friendly setup promises 100-percent efficiency with zero costs for waste, overspray, VOCs, odor or disposal. With its electrostatic atomization venturi system, the lubricant is negatively charged and thus attracted to the neutral, grounded workpiece material. This evenly distributes millions of micron-sized particles of either oil-based or solid dry-film lubricants across the surface of sheets or coils, producing a uniform lubricated surface. This promises to minimize wear and tear on forming equipment and increase tooling life.

Stampers can adjust StaticLube speed from 1 to 1000 ft./min.; use it to lubricate sheet from 0.005 to 0.375 in. thick, and apply coatings of 1 to 1000 mg/sq. ft. Several standard models accommodate ferrous and nonferrous coil or sheet stock in widths from 1 to 75 in.

Industry-Related Terms: Surface, Overspray, Ferrous, Forming
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