Conserve Lubricant in Non-Pressurized Systems with Siphon-Fed No-Drip Nozzle

May 21, 2021

Exair-no-drip-siphon-fed-nozzleExair Corp., Cincinnati, OH, has introduced a 1/8 NPT no-drip siphon-fed air-atomizing spray nozzle to provide consistent and even flow of non-pressurized liquid for lubrication, rinsing, cooling, quenching and other applications. The nozzle delivers gravity-fed liquids or lifted liquids from a siphon height of 36 in., with the added benefit of positively stopping liquid flow when compressed air is shut off.

Post-spray drips waste precious resources such as expensive coatings, chemicals or water, and unwanted drips can ruin product function on sealing or mating surfaces as well as ruin the appearance of painted or coated finishes. These no-drip nozzles, then, are ideal for these situations requiring no post-spray drip. When the compressed air supply shuts off, the nozzle positively seals off the flow of liquid. 

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