Smart Lubrication System Drives Deep-Draw Success

February 13, 2024

dietronic-sagoma-lubrication-systemAfter receiving its first Dietronic Sagoma-series lubrication system in 2019 and a second in 2021, U.K.-based stainless-steel sink producer AGA Rangemaster recently installed its third system, this one for a deep-drawing process. The firm finds that the investments have increased yield and led to a significant reduction in lubricant consumption.

The firm’s first Sagoma lube-spraying system features inlet/outlet conveyors with a lateral centering unit, a feature that proves particularly useful during the sink-manufacturing process, according to Jason Allaway, group manufacturing director at Aga Rangemaster. 

“We saw how the spray patterns could easily be programmed for the variety of different blanks used to produce the sinks,” Allaway says. “A very smart feature of Sagoma is the ‘teach-itself’ function of the blank shape with a quick pass through the sensor bank. After this, the operator can program exactly where the lubricant is needed and the quantity to apply, working in 50 by 50-mm sections easily selectable from the touchscreen control panel.”

 The recipe system then stores each program for rapid startup after changeovers. “This was exactly what we needed,” continues Allaway. 

After 2 yr. with its first system, the company decided to implement a second Sagoma system, this one featuring an external automatic spray-head cleaning system. The device automatically and quickly cleans the spray heads, facilitating offline maintenance operations on the heads and the internal manifolds. The procedure implements a full flushing, cleaning, drying and diagnostic check of each nozzle, with each stage displayed on the HMI in real time.

Cleaning the 20-nozzle system takes a little more than 5 min. “The spray heads can be removed, cleaned and returned to the machine in 15 min.,” Allaway says. “And since we have a set of spare spray heads, we don’t have to stop production.”

Allaway adds that since implementing its new spray systems, lubricant consumption has been reduced by more than 70%. “We also marked a noticeable improvement in the working environment,” he adds, “including greatly decreased oil mist (thanks to the high-level extraction system with HEPA filter) and reduced oil on the floor and on the machinery.”

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