Bandsaw Features Variable-Speed Drive

March 22, 2021

Kalamazoo-H310-U-VThe Kalamazoo Machine Tool model H310 U-V bandsaw comes with a variable-speed motor, from 60 to 360 ft./min., to deliver sawing flexibility across a range of metallic materials. The gravity-feed bandsaw is capable of mitering 60 deg. to the right, and its Autocut feature ensures that each cut feeds at exactly at the same rate, eliminating the need to open and close the valve on each cut.

For safety, find the cycle start button located in the trigger switch safety. The blade turns off at the end of the cut and the solenoid holds the sawframe where lifted.

Additional bandsaw features include an easily opened/closed vise with a handwheel, a quick handle for repetitive cuts, carbide guides with rollers, a totally enclosed worm-gear transmission, full coolant system and full blade guarding. Several optional conveyor systems are available.

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