Compact Feed Lines

October 1, 2015

Oriimec Corp. of America
Booth C533

Oriimec Corp. of America, Erlanger, KY, displays the Orii LCC Model KR3 series compact feed line, which handles material to 0.125 in. thick and to 15 in. wide. This unit can be found in the Komatsu booth.

The compact, heavy-duty design of LCC-series feed lines allows for coil thicknesses to 0.470 in. and coil widths to 74 in. LCC-series features include: automatic coil-loading system, automatic straightening correction, 7-11 roll design for precision, and simple access to work rolls. In addition, LCC-series feed lines are designed to meet feeding requirements for high-strength, low-alloy steels.

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Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling


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