Servo-Based Turret Punch Presses Feature Drive Innovations

September 1, 2008

Amada America, Buena Park, CA, introduces the AC-NT series of turret punch presses featuring an AC servo ram drive designed to provide high hit rates along with maximum reliability. 

The AC-NT drive uses a standard servo motor to drive a ballscrew and bell-crank linkage, which provides reciprocating ram motion. Hit rates to 390/min. on 1-in. centers are achieved by using a specially engineered air-cooled ballscrew to control the detrimental effects of heat buildup that can limit punching speeds on a non-air-cooled system. When using Amada’s contouring and marking tools, hit rates to 600 hits/min. when nibbling, and 900 hits/min. in part-marking mode can be achieved.

In addition to offering high-speed punching, the drive also consumes virtually no energy during idling times, and even at top speeds it requires 10 to 20 percent less power than flywheel-type mechanical machines, and approximately half that of hydraulic machines running at similar hit rates.

Amada America, Inc.: 714/739-2111;

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