Automated Grinder Sharpens Punch Tooling of Any Style

July 1, 2013

Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN, introduces the Premia sharpening system for automated, precision sharpening of all popular styles of CNC punch-press tooling. A touchscreen interface simplifies tool setup and maintenance operations. All actions are menu-driven, with three standard programs for small, medium and large tools, and two completely customizable programs. The programs ensure consistency regardless of who operates the machine.

If an operator prefers manual operation, he can opt for Premia’s manual mode. And, for optimum operator versatility, the interface allows a choice of language and measurement units; the software interface is easily updatable via a USB port or SD card. The software even provides an estimated time to completion, and when done, Premia shuts off automatically.

Operation begins by using the unit’s universal fixture, which accommodates all popular tooling styles including thick turret, Trumpf style, Murata Wiedemann, Multi Tool, thin turret, XMT and Salvagnini. The operator inserts the tool in the universal fixture, selects the appropriate program from the menu, and presses “Start,” and Premia sharpens the tool without assistance. It employs a solid-surface 7.8-in. CBN grinding wheel, without the fast-wearing perpendicular slots; the coolant system directs coolant automatically through the grinding wheel. A dual-stage filtering process includes magnetic swarf retention that simplifies maintenance, promotes longer maintenance intervals and extends coolant pump life. 

For additional flexibility, Premia has a large 12.60-in. rotary table, for sharpening large-diameter tools. The table angle adjusts from 0 to 12 deg. to allow shears (including rooftop and Trumpf-style whisper) to be ground on punches.

Overall footprint: 76.5 by 26 in.; weight: 660 lb.

Mate Precision Tooling: 763/421-0230;
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