Tube and Pipe Benders

October 1, 2019

Huth Ben Pearson International
Booth D46426

Huth Ben Pearson shows its Model 2650 and 2660 benders, as well as its newly designed power-slotter accessory. The benders, recently designed for manufacturers that bend tube and pipe as part of their finished product manufacturing, are perfect for the manufacturing of many building structures and frames and agricultural applications such as feed rings, fencing and gates, panels and saddle racks, lawn furniture, and greenhouses. A 7.5-hp motor powers both benders. The Model 2650 has a 5-in. hydraulic cylinder with 58,000 lb. of bending force, while Model 2660 comes with a 6-in. cylinder with 85,000 lb. of bending force. The large flow capacity and 10-gal. hydraulic fluid reservoir allows them to run continuously cool through multiple shifts.

The new tube power-slotter attaches to one of the company’s hydraulic expander cylinders found on many of its bender models as well as freestanding expanders, and swagers through an available arbor tool. Standard slot size: 1 by 1/8 in. Custom tooling is available for custom slot sizes. A built-in slot-positioning system allows an operator to accurately place the slots on any tube diameter.

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