Ultra-High Pressure Direct-Drive Waterjet-Cutting Pump

September 16, 2014

Omax Corp., Kent, WA, has introduced a 100-hp direct-drive pump with EnduroMax technology, designed to increase efficiency, improve reliability and minimize operating costs by delivering more power at the waterjet-cutting nozzle, equal to 135-hp intensifier-pump designs. This power increase creates a more powerful abrasive stream for higher cutting speeds and productivity, and less wear and tear and maintenance. The pump provides a stable jet stream as much as eight times smoother than that from intensifier pumps, significantly reducing wear on high-pressure plumbing and fittings.

The 100-hp pump features a durable Inline-six design, an evolution of the Omax EnduroMax design that provides smooth cutting, high reliability and easy modular maintenance. Variable-frequency drive technology tailors power and water consumption to the application for powerful and precise cutting while providing seamless pressure control, all while eliminating inrush current and reducing maintenance.

Omax: 253/872-2300; www.omax.com/

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