The "Internet of Things" Comes to Industrial Air-Quality Control

January 20, 2016

RoboventRoboVent, Sterling Heights, MI, has released the eTell advanced predictive control system for air-quality equipment that promises to improve energy efficiency, prolong filter life and reduce operational costs. The cloud-based control program uses advanced analytics to “learn” a plant’s processes and trends, and make automated adjustments to improve system performance. Facility managers can use the eTell mobile app and dashboard to monitor energy use, maintenance requirements and system usage.

“eTell moves beyond preventive maintenance and into predictive maintenance,” explains RoboVent general manager Jim Reid. “With eTell, plant managers don’t have to wonder when maintenance is needed. The equipment can reach out and tell them when it needs something, whether it’s a new filter or a maintenance check.”

eTell connects to RoboVent equipment via Bluetooth, and uses software that continually learns from system or human input and makes predictions and adjustments based on that input. Install eTell on new equipment or retrofit it to existing equipment, from RoboVent or other suppliers. Once installed, eTell:

• Continually monitors energy use, filter life and other aspects of system performance;

• Learns facility applications and processes;

• Automatically makes simple adjustments to save energy and reduce costs;

• Uses predictive analytics to make maintenance recommendations;

• Sends notices and alerts to facility managers; and

• Allows managers to track system performance on a simple mobile (or desktop) dashboard.

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