Stilfold Sells Its First “Industrial Origami” Metal-Folding Machine to Georgia Tech

October 26, 2023

Stilfold, Stockholm, Sweden, has sold its first “industrial origami” metal-folding machine to the Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The machine features a special robotic cell and computational design software to fold flat sheet metal over curves to create complex, light and sustainable new structures using minimal component parts, say company officials. Georgia Tech students will use the technology to design and build work onsite as part of the school’s Origami Engineering program, developed in partnership with Stilfold to teach students how innovative approaches to manufacturing can streamline production processes, reduce costs and minimize engineers’ environmental impact.

Says professor Dr. Lauren Stewart: “The technology delivers on all fronts, from cost-effectiveness to environmental adaptation, which is a necessity in all future manufacturing. Giving our students the opportunity to be at the forefront of this development is very gratifying.”

Stilfold received a Swedish patent in May 2023 that covers the core robotic hardware and its proprietary software that enables designers to create folding instructions for 3D shapes.

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