Software Add-On Monitors Waterjet-Cutting Performance

January 17, 2013

Omax Corp., Kent, WA, introduces its Intelli-Visor system-monitoring package, designed to enable users to oversee the status and performance of their Omax abrasive waterjet throughout the cutting process. Intelli-Visor works to increase the efficiency and uptime of any Omax JetMachining Center by connecting operation controls with machine maintenance.

As a function of the Omax Intelli-MAX 18 control software, Intelli-Visor uses an industry-standard Modbus communications protocol, a streamlined software interface and robust network of machine sensors to capture and share real-time data from different components across the JetMachining Center. As a result, operators can effectively monitor and analyze machining parameters, including cutting activity, pump pressure and abrasive levels, and also track machine hours and maintenance schedules.

The software also enables an operator to specify what parameters need to be monitored, and the actions the machine should initiate should an operation fail or approach failure. These actions include pausing the machine to protect the cutting head and workpiece, and administering an alert notification. And, with an Internet connection, Intelli-Visor can distribute an alert notice to as many as four people via e-mail or text messaging.

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