Servo-Based Punch-Shear Combo

March 21, 2013

The Shear Genius integrated punch/shear combination, introduced by Finn-Power in 1987, was designed to transform full-size sheets into finished parts, unmanned and with optimum sheet utilization and cost-per-part ratio. Now the company (Prima Power) introduces the servo-electric Shear Genius SGe, an updated 30-ton punching machine that runs at up to 1000 hits/min. with a maximum 250 RPM index speed and sheet positioning to150 m/min. The right-angle shear boasts automatic loading, part removal and sorting; a servo-electric actuation system makes shear movement quick and fully controlled. The machine can shear aluminum to 5 mm thick, mild steel to 4 mm and stainless steel to 3 mm.

The punch and shear feature water cooling and a central lubrication system. The SGe has includes optimized tool changes; programmable blade-clearance setting delivers high part-surface quality.

The control system features a new Prima Power PC-based NC control with Rexroth servo drives. The latest version of the Tulus operating system includes a new online simulation view for follow-up and restart. An integrated tool library with NC Express and servo-electric punch make tool setup and adjustment quick and simple, minimizing setup times.

With the SGe, fabricators will enjoy automation of material loading, punching/forming and upforming, unloading, sorting, and stacking to create finished parts with a dramatic reduction in scrap and manual labor, and increased productivity. Customize the level of automation through Prima Power’s flexible modular solutions for raw-material storage, loading, unloading, sorting and stacking. 

On average, the SGe will reduce total manufacturing time by 60 percent and save one blank sheet of every 10. The machine eliminates wasteful skeletons and costly secondary operations such as deburring, and avoids the need to nibble part edges. 

Prima Power North America, Inc.: 847/952-6500; 

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