Series of Lightweight Welders Offer Flexibility

January 17, 2017

Esab Welding & Cutting Products, Florence, SC, showcased a variety of welding and products and technologies at FABTECH, including hands-on demonstrations of the new gas-metal-arc (GMA)-only and GMA/stick versions of the company’s Rebel 215ic-series welders.

All Rebel 215ic models offer 120-V 230-V primary flexibility, lightweight (40-lb.) portability and Esab’s sMIG (smart MIG) function, which enables users to begin GMA welding with an extremely stable arc just by setting metal thickness and wire diameter. Unlike competitive units, there is no need to enter information for shielding gas mix, claim company officials. 

“After a few seconds of welding in the sMIG mode, you can clearly hear Rebel automatically fine tune the arc to match your individual welding style,” says Doug Smith, product business manager of arc equipment for ESAB. 

Rebel also operates in a conventional mode for those who prefer to manually adjust the GMA arc, and the EMP and EMS models provide an advanced mode that gives operators control over such GMA functions as voltage trim, inductance, burn-back control and gas pre- and post-flow. When connected to 230-V primary power, the Rebel EMP 215ic provides a GMA output of 20-220 amps, a stick output of 30-160 amps and a gas-tungsten-arc (GTA) output of 5-240 amps. When connected to 120-V primary power, the unit provides a GMA output of 15-130 amps, a stick output of 5-110 amps and a GTA output of 5-140 amps.

The Rebel EMS 215ic is a compact, portable welding system that offers industrial-quality arc performance for GMA/flux-cored and stick welding. As with Rebel EMP 215ic, Rebel EMS 215ic features a 4.3-in. LCD/TFT color display, the ability to store and recall welding parameters, and built-in owner’s manual, operating instructions and parts library. This unit is ideal for stick welding and for running flux-cored wires in farming, construction, maintenance/repair and mechanical-contracting applications.

“This machine has everything Rebel EMP 215ic multi-process welder has but without the GTA-related functions,” says Smith. “It is targeted at users who do not want to transport a shielding gas cylinder to their welding location or who never plan to GTA weld.”

For users who only plan to wire weld and who value a traditional operator interface, ESAB offers Rebel EM 215ic for GMA and flux-cored welding. This unit comes equipped with a standard LED display and conventional controls for voltage and wire-feed speed/amperage.

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