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Retrofittable Rotary Axis for Waterjet Cutting

April 15, 2014

Techni Waterjet, Lenexa, KS, has developed a new rotary axis for its water-cutting machines--a direct-drive motor assembly capable of accurately (±Retrofittable Rotary Axis for Waterjet Cutting0.1 deg.) positioning and contouring a workpiece under the cutting stream. The extreme accuracy of the rotary axis, say company officials, makes it ideal for precision applications such as medical components, while also powerful enough to rotate relatively large tubes (to 300-mm dia.) for architectural and fabrication applications. The hollow bore will allow for bar feeding and automation applications to 40-mm dia.

The unit is manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials and suitable for retrofit to existing Techni Waterjet cutting machines. Maximum speed: 120 RPM.

Techni Waterjet: 888/832-4643;


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