Programming Files for Trumpf-Style Forming Tool and Special Shapes Enable Speedy Press Setup

April 15, 2014

programming files for Trumpf-style forming tool and special shapes enable speedy press setupMate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN, has developed new Trumpf-style forming-tool and special-shape programming files that ease and quicken the setup of new CNC punch presses, even before the tooling arrives. Now, buyers of Mate’s Trumpf-style forming tools and special shapes receive programming files via e-mail. Previously, setup was done either manually from setup drawings or with files provided on a USB stick from the original equipment manufacturer.

“E-mailing the files to the customer for import allows users to start programming and setting up their machine while it’s still being manufactured,” says Mate marketing manager John Galich. “By being able to do all of the prep work ahead of time, customers can essentially start the job once the tool arrives.”

Mate’s Trumpf-style tooling includes a full range of options including Next high-performance tooling, QuickLock convenience tooling, standard-style economy tooling, and LongLife slitting tools.

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