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Power Source Drives Heavy-Duty Mechanized Cutting

June 15, 2015

Esab Cutting Systems Smart PlasmarcEsab Cutting Systems, Florence, SC, introduces the Smart Plasmarc m2-200 plasma system for heavy-duty mechanized cutting. Use it to cut a broad range of material types and thicknesses using air, oxygen or nitrogen. The m2-200 machine reportedly provides high cut quality with minimal dross, reduced warping and a small heat-affected zone, resulting in fewer secondary operations and a minimum per-part cost.

He machine provides 200 A at 100-percent-duty cycle, delivering high-productivity piercing and cutting in mild steel to 1.25 in. thick, with capacity to edge-start and sever materials to 2 in. thick. When compared to oxyfuel cutting, the m2-200 reportedly cuts more than four times faster on ½-in.-thick mild steel.

A built-in process database features optimized cutting parameters that help ensure consistent results. Parameters are selected and controlled in one step, and simple and intuitive operator controls reduce the need for operator training. Advanced diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and maintenance.

The m2-200 replaces Esab’s mechanized ESP-150 and ESP-200 systems. ESP-150 packages with hand torches and inline torches remain available for non-automated cutting applications.

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