Portable Beveling Machine Bevels Angles from 15 to 60 deg. on Plate and Pipe

August 7, 2012

CS Unitec, Norwalk, CT, introduces the SKF 25 beveling machine, which provides fast and easy preparation of weld seams and bevels steel pipes 6-1/4-in.-dia. and larger. The machine will prove ideal for use on mild and stainless steels, aluminum and other nonferrous metal alloys. It offers high-quality performance that allows for superior weld connections.

The SKF 25 features a continuously adjustable angle of 15 to 60 deg., and a bevel land width to 5/8 in. It includes one milling head with ten indexable carbide inserts for fast metal removal and extended tool life. Designed for continuous use, the unit has a 10-A motor with a cutting speed of 1800 surface ft./min. A built-in pipe roller guide provides low friction resistance. The machine allows single-operator control and easy handling. 

CS Unitec, Inc.: 800/700-5919; www.csunitec.com

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