Plasma Cutter a Fit for Every Shop

July 14, 2015

Techno CNC Systems, LLC, has unveiled its new HPLC CNC plasma-cutting machine, available in four standard sizes: 2 by 2 ft., 4 by 4 ft., 4 by 8 ft. and 5 by 10 ft. The new models feature a stand-alone micro-stepper controller with a simple-to-use handheld control pendant. Equip the machines with any Hypertherm mechanized Powermax torch.

The machines feature a downdraft table design and V-groove grid support slats for point contact on the workpiece material. A magnetic torch break-away with auto Z-axis retract protects the torch from damage due to a collision. Here, the machine automatically retracts the torch, allowing the operator to reseat the head, remove the obstruction and resume the cut.

Accessories include a rotary table for tube cutting, twin z-axis for a drill head or engraver, and a fume-filtration system.

Techno CNC Systems:
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