Panel-Bending Machine Promises Simple Setup and Operation

August 1, 2016

The BCe Smart 2220, a new panel-bending machine from Prima Power North America, Arlington Heights, IL, features a large working table that allows loading and unloading in a single sequence to increase productivity. The machine, which does not require skilled operators, uses a barcode reader and automatic-tool-change system to provide automatic setup.

Ergonomic and safety considerations are a priority in design of the machine, according to company officials. As a result, the BCe Smart 2220 features the absence of physical barriers for manual loading, warning lights, acoustic signals to synchronize loading and unloading, programmable luminous reference for the simple positioning of the pieces to be machined, and an interactive display that guides the operator in the working phases to be carried out, such as the orientation of workpieces. Working-table side sections can be lowered to allow closer access for loading or unloading medium-sized sheets.

The flexible machine is ideal for producing small volumes, kits of components and individual parts. Other reported plusses include compact layout, low maintenance and simple installation, with servo-electric actuators significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

To ease production, the machine includes open numerical control by Prima Electro, the Tulus operator interface and the Master Bend Cam programming system. The machine also is designed to be integrated with robots for automatic loading and unloading.

Maximum bending length of BCe Smart is 2250 mm and the size of the machinable sheet can vary between 180 by 360 mm and 1500 by 2850 mm. Bending force is 32 tons.

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