Optimized Welding System Simplifies Aluminum Repairs

March 17, 2015

Miller Electric Optimized Welding SystemMiller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, WI, introduces the Millermatic 350P auto-body aluminum repair system. It builds on the performance of the popular Millermatic 350P MIG power source and also can be used to pulse-weld with silicon bronze, steel and stainless-steel wires.

The repair system features the components necessary to meet the specifications set forth by Ford and the Assurance Performance Network for completing weld repairs on the Ford F-150 aluminum-body truck. These specifications require a 220-V power source with pulsed-GMAW capabilities dedicated to aluminum welding, using 0.047-in.-dia. Type 5554 series aluminum-alloy weld wire.

The package includes:

• Millermatic 350P, a 200/230/460V power source for single- or three-phase power

• 8-in. spool of 0.047-in.-dia. Hobart 5554 aluminum wire

• Bernard Q200 aluminum GMAW gun, customized with a 12-ft. cable, plastic liner and a 30-deg. head tube

• 0.047-in. aluminum Centerfire contact tips

• 0.047-in. U-groove drive rolls

The system provides 300-A output at 60-percent duty cycle. The low-end wire-feed speed capabilities have been reduced from 105 in./min. to 75 in./min., minimizing heat input to reduce bur-through and warping.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.; http://www.millerwelds.com/


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