Optimized Piercing Promotes Productivity Gains

January 20, 2016

Prima Laser GeniusPrima’s new Laser Genius fiber-laser cutting machine features linear motors that it says allows increased productivity by as much as15 percent compared to traditional systems. And, thanks to optimized piercing routines, fabricators can experience significantly improved cycle times. Three new pierce profiles specifically address three different applications—thin-sheet (to 5 mm) cutting, thick-sheet (5 to 25 mm in mild steel) cutting, and unattended or lights-out cutting.

For piercing thin sheet, Prima offers the Smart Cut mode. Here, the laser head need not pause when transitioning between piercing and cutting. It’s one smooth process that can yield as much as a 30-percent cycle-time reduction compared to traditional piercing. For thicker sheet, fabricators will opt for the Max Cut pierce mode, featuring a hefty flow of nitrogen delivered to the workpiece material. This cooling effect reduces what can be a pierce time of 3-4 sec. down to less than 1 sec. And, for unattended cutting, Prima offers the Night Cut piercing mode, featuring a wide parameter window to ensure reliable and safe pierces.

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