New Service Creates Searchable Database Empowering OEMs to Make Optimum Sourcing Decisions

September 6, 2012

Supply Dynamics Cincinnati, OH, has introduced Part Attribute Characterization, a new software-enabled service that identifies part-manufacturing processes and common raw-material requirements across hundreds and thousands of parts. Capturing the attributes enables OEM companies to match part-manufacturing requirements with outside supplier capabilities, and to collaborate with suppliers when purchasing common raw materials.

“Understanding common part attributes is a critical issue for companies seeking to improve cost and service levels across their extended supply chains,” says Scott Jones, director of operations at Supply Dynamics.

Part Attribute Characterization helps OEMs and suppliers:

  • Classify parts by attribute, such as primary or secondary manufacturing process, special processes, material type, part finish, part size and quality requirements.
  • Match part attributes to specific suppliers capabilities, to accelerate the request-for quotation (RFQ) process and maximize savings.
  • Maximize the number of parts awarded on any RFQ, qualifying for volume discounts.
  • Understand and leverage common raw-material requirements across parts and suppliers, to earn preferential pricing and contract terms from distributors and mills.
  • Identify parts using non-standard raw materials or sizes, to facilitate standardization efforts and improve the efficiency of purchasing.

Jones explained that the Part Attribute Characterization begins when customers provide digital blueprints and other data to Supply Dynamics. Using the combined efforts of analysts, engineers and proprietary software, part attributes are accurately documented with consistent formats and wording conventions. The final result is an easily searchable database that empowers the customer to make the best sourcing decisions. 

One Supply Dynamics customer uses Part Attribute Characterization results to verify that the raw materials being ordered by its outside parts suppliers meet required testing and QA requirements. Any another customer uses the service it to corroborate engineering assumptions related to assembly weights.

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