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New Hybrid Wire for Improved EDM Machining Quality and Cleanliness

June 16, 2015

MC Machinery hydbrid wireMC Machinery Systems, Wood Dale, IL, has released ZT hybrid wire for EDM machining, featuring a baked-on external zinc layer for maximum speed—reportedly averaging 30 percent faster than with conventional brass wire—as well as improved accuracy and surface finish, and clean cutting.

The zinc coating forms microscopic, precision pockets on the wire’s surface that allow more water to integrate into the cutting process. The extra water allows for maximum spark energy for faster, more accurate cutting as well as finer finishes, according to company officials. The added texture also brings water closer to the brass core, enabling more efficient off-time cooling and minimizing the risk of electrode breakage.

The unique baking process reportedly improves adhesion of the outer zinc layer to the wire’s brass base as compared to a conventional coating. This bond makes ZT hybrid wire more resistant to flaking, resulting in a cleaner cutting process that can reduce machine-tool maintenance and extend tool life.

The ZT Hybrid Wire is available in both hard and soft versions, P2 through P15 and K125 through K250-sized spools.

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