Mid-Frequency Inverter Power Supplies for Resistance Welding

February 18, 2015

Amada Miyachi mid-frequency inverter power supplies for resistance weldingAmada Miyachi America, Monrovia, CA, has introduced a pair of mid-frequency inverter power supplies for resistance welding, the IS-800CR (800-A primary output) and IS-1400CR (1400-A primary output). The power supplies are perfect for a wide range of aerospace, electronic automotive, battery and appliance applications, including commutator fusing, copper wire to terminal, sheetmetal and bus bar. Select the basic model, which introduces a new and improved set of features, or opt for the full-featured model offering advanced force and displacement abilities.

Use the IS-800CR as a standalone large-scale welding station or for applications that require welding many different-sized parts on the same station. Use the IS-1400CR for similar applications, as well as for those requiring higher currents, including aluminum, copper and projection welding.

The basic models have six control modes (primary limit, primary and secondary root mean square (RMS), secondary constant power, secondary voltage control and fixed pulse), two valve outputs, and provide a precisely controlled repeatable waveform, adjustable from 600 to 3000 Hz in 100-Hz steps. Full-featured models add displacement limits/monitoring, resistance precheck, six valve outputs and repeat function.

Amada Miyachi America: http://www.miyachiamerica.com/
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