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Magnetic Drill with Automatic Feed Proves Ideal for Production Applications

August 19, 2015

CS Unitec magnetic drillCS Unitec’s new MAB 825 V portable magnetic drill features an automatic feed mechanism with power retraction, making it suitable for production applications. The drill’s 16-A double-insulated reversible motor features a four-speed oil-bath gearbox (40-110, 65-175, 140-360, 220-600 rpm) for high-power applications.

With infinitely variable torque control and full-wave electronics, the heavy-duty drill cuts holes to 4-in. dia. in structural steels and other materials. Additional capabilities include twist drilling and reaming to 1-1/4-in. dia., tapping to 1-1/8-in. dia. and countersinking to 2 in. A stroke length of 10 in. makes the MAB 825 V ideal for a range of applications. And, its quick-change keyless cutter system for ¾-in. Weldon shanks can be a time and money saver.

Integrated sensors in the MAB 825 V include magnet-overheating protection, visual magnet adhesion indication and an electronic safety shutoff sensor to automatically shut down the drill motor if the magnet loses contact with the workpiece. Internal cable routing helps protect the motor power cord from external damage. Magnet holding force: 6600 lb.

CS Unitec:
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