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Laser-Punch Combo Provides Four-in-One Benefits

May 19, 2015

Prima PowerThe LPef laser-punch combination machine from Prima Power North America, Arlington Heights, IL, delivers four metal-fabricating processes in one package: punching, forming, marking and laser cutting. This allows fabricators to use the turret-punch press and laser where they will perform optimally, maximizing cost-efficiency and competitiveness.

LPef machines feature a 2-, 3- or 4-kW fiber laser and customer-specified turret layout for as many as 384 tools. The work chute handles punched components to 500 by 500 mm; two different drop doors handle laser-cut parts as large as 800 by 800 mm.

The machines also include automatic laser scrap sorting, and a wide range of turret-press options such as upforming, various types of Multi-Tools, as many as four sheet clamps and individual movement, three tapping solutions and lifting brush tables.

Prima Power North America:
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