Laser-Cutting System Enhances Processing of Large-Diameter Tube

February 18, 2015

BLM Group laser cutting systemBLM Group, Wixom, MI, has introduced the Model LT8 laser tube-cutting system. The CO2 laser machine cuts tube to 8.625-in. dia., in bar weights to 1000 lb.

The unit, equipped with a tilting, ±45-deg. head, provides for three-dimensional, five-axis cutting and ultra high-speed piercing, allowing for complex cutting on most tube profiles.

The LT8 incorporates Active Focus, a technology that adjusts beam focal position. With Active Focus, pierce times can be reduced as much as 30 percent compared to previous machines.

The unit also features an automatic loading system combined with a unique unload operation, increasing productivity. Complex operations, such as nesting multiple part numbers on the same bar and changing to different profiles, are managed automatically. Select from multiple load and unload configurations including an automatic bundle loader (capacity 8800 lb), automatic step loader or a manual single-bar loader.

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