Laser-Cutting Software Designed to Optimize Startup, Productivity and Quality

August 16, 2016

OSAI, Chicopee, MA, has introduced the OpenCut CAM hardware/software system to support 2D and 3D laser cutting. Designed to optimize startup, productivity and cutting quality, the system provides numerical controls that perfectly match the most common CAD systems on the market, allowing complete programming.

The OpenCut system is a complete modular solution customizable according to an OEM’s needs. Modules are specifically designed for the open-control OSAI CNC, and for the multitouch operator panel, drives and I/O systems controlled via EtherCat or proprietary fieldbuses. Pre-defined icon libraries support automatic nesting of different profiles. The technology tables integrated into OpenCut comprise 10 piercing lines and 10 cutting lines for each material type and thickness. Additionally, there are functions to export, import and delete any material in the database.

Also included: offset management compensation of bevel-cutting parameters, and 3D cutting-head control. OpenCut also is an ideal CNC hardware/software solution for plasma and oxyfuel cutting.

Industry-Related Terms: Cam, CNC, LASER, Lines, Nesting, Piercing, Thickness, CAD
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