In-Die Tapping Heads Designed for Simplified Maintenance

September 3, 2013

Hutchison Tool Sales, Bensenville, IL, has launched a new line of in-die tapping heads that can be removed from the die without pulling the die from the press. This feature promises to reduce press downtime by eliminating multiple die setups.

Features in the new heads—available in Series 3000 and 6000 styles—include an adjustable coolant ring and an enhanced leadscrew/tap-collet design. Single- and multiple-spindle units handle strip 1⁄8 in. and thinner. 

Model 3000 can tap #2-56 to ¼-20 or M2 to M6; maximum press stroke is 16 in., maximum run rate is 250 strokes/min. Model 6000 can tap #6-32 to ½-20 or M3.5 to M12; maximum press stroke is 20 in., max. run rate is 100 strokes/min. 

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