High-Speed Bending Machine Produces Parts With Side Lengths to 13.8 In.

February 8, 2023

Trumpf-TruBend-7020New from Trumpf, a fully automatic panel-bending machine for the North American market. Designed to process complex parts quickly and efficiently, the TruBend Center 7020 can bend parts with side lengths to 13.8 in. and handle material thicknesses to 0.15 in. in aluminum, 0.12 in. in steel, and 0.08 in. in stainless steel, extending over the entire bending length. The machine can process parts to 6.6 ft. long, and is ideal for large- and small-batch production.

Compared to a manual press brake, the new machine works at speeds to 80 percent faster, depending on the specific part and bending operations involved, according to company officials, who note that panel bending technology is particularly suitable for fabricating complex parts with radius bends, short side lengths and narrow profiles—producing these types of parts more efficiently and at a higher quality level than traditional die bending.  

The TruBend Center 7020, with a compact footprint of less than 19.7 by 19.7 ft., owes its short cycle time to a new rotary part manipulator, which can move the part very close to the bending line. In many cases, this reduces the cycle time by eliminating the need to reposition the grippers during processing. Company engineers also designed the machine to be as open and accessible as possible. Workers can load and unload the machine from the side without having to lean into the interior, a time-saving, ergonomic capability. Like its predecessor, the TruBend Center 7020 uses the ToolMaster system to ensure that blankholder tools are matched correctly to each workpiece, thereby reducing setup time. Programming reportedly is rapid and simple—with TecZone Fold software, users can create the bending program on the computer in just a few clicks.  

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