Hand-Held Resistance-Welding Process Controller

September 16, 2014

Dengensha resistance-welding process controllerDengensha America, Bedford, OH, introduces the Weldscope WS-100, a hand-held resistace-welding controller that offers 15 monitoring functions and three selectable detection ranges. Users can monitor, measure, save and print out welding current, cycle time and peak current from AC and DC welding machines, single- and three-phase machines, capacitor-discharge welders, AC seam welders, pulsation AC/DC welders and inverter machines.

The control generates upper- and lower-limit error signals, “Good” and “No Good” output signals and detects secondary-cable wear. It also incorporates a waveform display, zoom function, torodial coil, florescent display, multiple output options and a lithium backup battery.

Further, along with the ability to better control weld quality and accuracy by monitoring the resistance welding process, the Weldscope WS-100 allows users to save data for the last 800 welds and then print it out by way of direct cable or Bluetooth to a PC.

Dengensha America: 440/439-8081; www.dengensha.com


See also: Dengensha America Corp.

Technologies: Bending


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