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Fiber-Laser Cutting Machines Boast Six Intelligent Setup Functions

March 17, 2015

Mazak fiber-laser cutting machines…and three intelligent monitoring functions. From Mazak Optonics Corp., Elgin, IL, these new Optiplex fiber-laser cutting machines (equipped with what Mazak calls its Zeta 9 intelligent functions) promise to significantly reduce operator dependency and improve throughput and cut quality.

Zeta 9’s six intelligent setup functions include automatic nozzle changing to optimize assist-gas use and maximize job feed rate; auto focus positioning to maximize part quality; focus detection to automatically calibrate reference positions; auto profiler calibration to keep a stable distance between material and the nozzle while cutting; auto nozzle cleaning; and beam-diameter control to cut a wide range of materials by changing the shape of the laser beam.

Intelligent monitoring functions include pierce detection to minimize pierce times; plasma detection to monitor and stabilize stainless-steel cutting; and burn detection to monitor cutting and notify the operator of poor cutting conditions on mild steel.

Zeta 9 functionality is available on the Model 3015 (5 by 10 ft.) and 4020 (6 by 12 ft.) machines.

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