Fiber-Laser Cutting Machine Tackles Material Thick and Thin

February 14, 2014

Ensis-3015AJ high-power fiber laserFiber-laser manufacturer JDSU, Milpitas, CA, partnered with Amada to develop Amada’s new Ensis-3015AJ high-power fiber laser—a 2-kW system that reportedly produces the power and beam efficiency equivalent to a conventional 4-kW fiber laser. The machine is designed to cut thick (to 35 mm) and thin work simply by changing the beam configuration electronically. With previous cutting systems, a condenser lens had to be manually changed in order to adjust the beam configuration to cut different types of materials. This versatility reportedly results from the advanced fiber-laser design co-developed by JDSU and Amada.

Amada president and CEO Mitsuo Okamoto notes that “around-the-clock productivity is extremely important to Amada’s manufacturing customers. Our newest fiber-laser innovation with JDSU provides customers with a major advantage because the flexibility of Ensis allows for virtually no downtime during the manufacturing process, regardless of what type of material needs to be cut.”

The oscillator is designed as an integrated module, resulting in a size reduction of 50 percent. This integrated design allows the machine to deliver a high-power high-quality beam in a small footprint.

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