Expanded Torches for Long-Reach Plasma Cutting

April 15, 2014

Expanded torches for long-reach plasma cuttingHypertherm, Hanover, NH, has expanded its lineup of Powermax air-plasma cutting torches with the introduction of Duramax Hyamp torches. The new offerings include extra-long torches for extended-reach cutting, as well as a number of robotic torches.

The long torches, designed for hand-held cutting, come in two lengths—0.6 and 1.2 m—and two different torch-head angles—45 and 90 deg. Operators can use them for scrapping, skeleton cutting, overhead cutting and more, able to complete jobs quickly and ergonomically without having to bend down or climb ladders. The Duramax Hyamp robotic torches, which provide low-cost robotic-cutting solutions, are available with three different head angles—45, 90 and 180 deg.

All Duramax Hyamp special-application torches, made from high-impact heat-resistant materials, are compatible with Hypertherm’s Powermax125, Powermax105, Powermax85 and Powermax65 plasma-cutting and gouging power supplies.

Hypertherm: 603/643-3441; http://www.hypertherm.com/


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