Expanded Line of Portable Stick/Tig Inverters Features New 120V Model for Aluminum

August 16, 2016

Esab, Florence, SC, has expanded its line of single-phase stick/tig and AC/DC tig/stick inverters, previously sold under the Thermal Arc and Tweco brands. New is the ET 141i AC/DC, reportedly the first 120V inverter that provides an AC-tig output for welding aluminum, and high-frequency (HF) non-contact arc starts for AC or DC-tig welding.

The ET 141i AC/DC uses 120V primary power to provide an output range of 10 to 140 A (140A/15.6V at 20-percent-duty cycle), and HF and lift-tig arc starts. Designed especially for entry-level welders who don’t want complex controls, the power supply features preset values for AC output frequency and wave balance that are optimized for light-duty welding.

AC frequency controls the shape of the arc cone and arc force, while wave balance controls the amount of cleaning action vs. penetration; HF arc starts are desirable (and sometimes required) in applications where users want to prevent accidental contamination from the tungsten electrode.

The ET 141i AC/DC also provides DC-stick output to 90 A for welding with 1/16- or 3/32-in.dia. electrodes.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products; http://www.esab.com/
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