Dual-Workstation Multiaxis Laser System

August 16, 2016

Prima Power Laserdyne, Champlin, MN, introduces the dual-workstation Laserdyne 606D multiaxis laser-processing system--two completely independent workstations in a single unitized structure. Its main components: a pair of six-axis motion systems, an integral Class 1 enclosure with dual automated doors, two S94P laser-process controls for motion and laser coordination, and two fiber-laser sources.

The workstations offer fast and accurate X-Y-Z motion to 2000 in/min., with 2 g acceleration and bi-directional accuracy of 0.0008 in. Graphite-fiber composite structures for the linear axes contribute to the system’s high dynamic accuracy.

Use the machine for precision 3D laser cutting, welding, drilling and texturing of a wide range of materials. The controllers provide integrated control of the lasers, motion, process gases and process sensors. The newest of these capabilities, called Smart Techniques, include:

• SmartStop to reduce backwall damage during drilling;

• SmartShield to provide protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area;

• SmartPierce to minimize spatter and pierce time; and

• SmartRamp to eliminate the weld indentation at the end of laser welds.

Prima Power Laserdyne: http://www.primapower.com/
Industry-Related Terms: LASER, Oxidation, Spatter
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